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Nope 1 year ago
That's the fakest ass I have ever seen.
Jeff bezos 1 year ago
Yeah.. that's me.
1 year ago
So jeff bezos its a porn actpr now?
Nun ya 1 year ago
Damn that booty deformed like a mf
1 year ago
They got Jeffrey Besos doing porn
gross 1 year ago
Shitty fake tits, shitty fake ass, shitty fake lips and a botox'd face. Imagine fucking yourself up this much to do something as dumb as porn, and then being this underwhelming at it, lol
1 year ago
I don't know what's worse: seeing Victoria June with the implants or fucking a bald tomato
Is that 1 year ago
Jeff Bezos?
Niga 1 year ago
Her ass cheeks are as big as his ugly ass bald head XXDDDD
yay 1 year ago
she got a better surgeon