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Mordada el maraghy 3 years ago
this is too stupido
robbeex 3 years ago
''God!!'' ... There r the ''PANTIES I WANNA PURCHASE!!!'' ... I Seriously would pay you £100 plus ex's & a ''Nice lil BONUS'' if it meant that i could [While watching u on PC] bury my face right into that ''GORGEOUS STRETCHY PANTIE GUSSET'' & proceed 2 pull on my ''JUICY BIG HARD-ON'' - ''SMELLING / LICKING'' that Bummy/Cunty Pantie Crotch until it goes ''POP'' - ''Mmm!!!'' - ''WOW That's my ''DELICIOUS IDEA'' 4 ur 'SEXY BIG KNICKERS!!'' ...'R'XX.
AC0808 2 years ago
Hi you are beautiful and I would love to hold you .. Wow!AC
The Darkside 2 years ago
Completely staged
But she still hot and sexy
Luv a taste of her juices
Handsome 3 months ago
I would love to fuck her in the ass
Kree 3 months ago
Looks like talulah sexy big boobs
Derham 9 months ago
Who wants to see that lard ass
wantmotherinlaw 1 year ago
There is something about his woman that just turns me on like you wouldn't believe. I would love to serve as her toilet and toilet paper for the rest of my pathetic life. If she was with me, I would do my best to make sure she never flushes or wipes her ass again.
1 year ago
Is it a pig or a whale?
Wantmotherinlaw 1 year ago
This woman is sexier than fuck. I would love to serve as both her toilet & toilet paper. Especially when she takes a dump out of that big fucking ass. I hope her husband at least sticks his tongue up her asshole where it belongs.